Earth Song Peace Chamber

Three Rivers, Michigan

Elders - Ruth and Vic Eichler

10867 Dutch Settlement Rd.

Three Rivers, MI 49093

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The Earth Song Peace Chamber, so named by Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, is sweetly tucked into the side of a grassy knoll surrounded by the bucolic farm country of Three Rivers, Michigan. Songbirds, Sandhill Cranes and Hawks grace Big Sky with their magical presence, and the insect nations sing with Earth, melodies of Peace.

In September 2014, at the tri-annual gathering of Chamber Elders in South Africa, I had the fantastic opportunity to meet the beautiful heart-ed Elders of Earth Song Peace Chamber, Ruth and Vic Eichler. I also met the lovely Keeper of Earth Song and the secretarial organizer for the World-Sound-Peace-Chamber’s Council of Elders, Christina Cusumano. When it was time to enliven and manifest the vision to visit the Sound/Peace Chambers around the world, and offer Sound Journeys to their respective communities, the Drift brought Christina and me together again.

In the brief time of Drifting in this charming community, I offered Sound Journeys to three delightful women including Christina. Christina, the consummate hostess, gifted me with a vision, blessings, and all the Peace Chamber contacts and addresses in hand. The Sacred Drift unfolds….

The Earth Song Peace Sound Chamber was community built with much heart and care, to benefit all sentient beings. To learn more about the Earth Song Peace Sound Chamber and Ceremonies performed therein, see their website: