Invitation to a Sacred Sound Journey

I would like to offer One-on-One Shamanic Sound Journey Meditations to anyone who needs, wants or is simply curious about receiving one in the Peace Chambers or other sacred spaces. To schedule a sound Journey when The Sacred Drift is in your “neck of the woods”, please contact me via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please allow 1 ½ hours to journey when scheduling an appointment.

A Sound Journey is a personal private vibrational, je ne sais quoi. :o))) Loose clothing is helpful and the participant will be asked to receive the journey in Savasana (relaxed on the Earth/floor of the Peace Chamber. There is NO charge for the Sound Journeys…this “Sacred Drift” is a vocational calling, an Artisan Giveaway! If a participant wishes to make a donation, then I will gratefully accept. ...NOTE: The One-on-One Sound Journeys are personal and private. What unfolds in a being’s Sound Journey is special and sacred. There will be no photos, recording or documentation of these experiences."

A little bit about my background: I have cultivated skill as an orchestral, chamber and ceremonial flutist for over 34 years. I have worked with be-ings in Hospice, given Music Therapies to Children and Adults in India, Turkey, South Africa and all over "Turtle Island" (North America), given Sound Journeys to those beings living with conditions such as Parkinson’s, affects of Strokes and Trauma, after surgery recovery, with family of loved ones in the transition of life and death and so much more. Each Sound Journey has been quite unique and intuitively arises in the present moment of each recipient. The Sound Journey includes vibrations from Shamanic Native American Flutes and chanting. Many Mystic Traditions have been weaved into this tapestry of mine and I have been called on this Sacred Drift to offer what is offered. :o))) Not knowing is most intimate. Let’s see what magnificence arises!

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