House of Mica Peace Chamber - Dance Land –Sweat Lodge

Elders: Rick and Elisa Cotroneo

105 State Route 151

East Greenbush, NY 12061

(518) 729-2429

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It is early October of 2016, and Autumn is kissing Fire into the foliage throughout the countryside of upstate New York! From the moment that I set foot on the House of Mica Earth-space, a strong feeling of love, attention and care that goes into the vibrations of this Land came over me. The House of Mica Peace Chamber called to me, and I was immediately guided along a mowed path, surrounded by stunning meticulously kept vegetable gardens, Wild grass and flower gardens, and a sapling forest, to the place where She vibrates. Within a triangular visual span from the Peace Chamber, rests a Sweat Lodge frame and Fire-pit and the Dance Arbor, surrounded by colorful deciduous woods.

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Bernalillo, New Mexico:

Home to the first

Peace Chamber

Crystallized in Big Sky!

(November 2015)

Autumnal CottonwoodsAutumn kisses the Earth Spaces of Bernalillo and the surrounding Pueblos. Crisp dry mornings and evenings, which cradle warm afternoons, bestow a sense of freshness and wellbeing. Spending the last month and a half Sacred Drifting through spectacularly effulgent Earth Spaces of warm sunny California and the dry sunny Autumndessert of Arizona, there had been a sense of timelessness…a physical unawareness of Autumn…Then, in New Mexico, there was the first visual awareness of Golden foliage, cool evenings, morning frost on Jane Honda’s windshield…Ahhh the Sacred Season of the “West”!

Bernalillo, New Mexico, is a small, modern Southwestern town just outside of Albuquerque, inhabited by friendly and helpful two-leggeds, and set against the backdrop of the Ancient Sandia a.k.a. Placitas a.k.a Watermelon Mountains. Sandia means watermelon, and this Mountain landscape transforms into a pink watermelon color as the light of the setting sun bids farewell to the day and sinks into the depths of the horizon. Magnificent “eye-candy”! Bernalillo is also home to the first Peace Chamber, envisioned and built by Indigenous Mystic, Joseph Rael-Beautiful Painted Arrow, and is now “Crystalized in Big Sky”. Bernalillo was destined to be part of the Sacred Drift.

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Peace Chamber, Sweat Lodge, and Dance Arbor

Tucson, Arizona

Elder and Keeper – Jane Innmon

5284 W Sweetwater Drive

Tucson AZ 85745

(520) 204-1459

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Yucca Valley, California


Elder and Keeper-Valerie Eagle-Heart Meyer

 High Desert…Coyotes...Joshua Trees…Ant Nations…Wingeds…Cacti…Fantastic Sunrises and Sunsets…Thundering Tempests…BIG SKY…The Luminous Galaxy…
Here is the place where I met the incredibly compassionate Elder and Sun Moon Dance Chief, Grandmother Eagle-Heart, and Inter-Danced the Sun Moon, in a Sacred Arbor, floating through this Phenomenal Universe!!!

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Earth Song Peace Chamber

Three Rivers, Michigan

Elders - Ruth and Vic Eichler

10867 Dutch Settlement Rd.

Three Rivers, MI 49093

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The Earth Song Peace Chamber, so named by Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, is sweetly tucked into the side of a grassy knoll surrounded by the bucolic farm country of Three Rivers, Michigan. Songbirds, Sandhill Cranes and Hawks grace Big Sky with their magical presence, and the insect nations sing with Earth, melodies of Peace.

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Thundersong - Chamber of Sacred Sounds


Sweat Lodge 

Gold Hill, Colorado

Elder and Keeper – Jeff Combelic

570 Pine Street, Gold Hill, Boulder, CO 80302


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Just outside of Boulder, Colorado and up the scenic, winding, and mostly dirt road through Sunshine Canyon, rests the rustic serene mining town, called Gold Hill, home of Thundersong - Chamber of Sacred Sounds.

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Bowl Lisamarie McGrath – World Flutes
Christopher Kulp – Ethnic Percussion

The ensemble of MYSTIC PULSE is a unique and harmonious blend of world flutes and ethnic percussion, manifested to release stress and anxiety while connecting oneself to a sacred center. Combining poetry and sound, during yoga classes, meditation practices and Reiki sessions, in concert, for spiritual, religious and healing events, the dynamic Musicians of MYSTIC PULSE embody a rare musical sensitivity and creative verve, with the intention of moving their audience into the delightful, magnificent present moment!

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Recently I've been asked to share my music with people who are facing major life transitions and challenges.  I have been honored to play soothing wooden Native American Flutes and the Orchestral flute at the bedside of individuals who are in the dying process.  I also have had the privilege of playing for people who are grieving the loss of a family member or friend.   These experiences have made me vividly aware of the value of instrumental music during life transitions and I have witnessed firsthand music’s unique healing properties.

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Invitation to a Sacred Sound Journey

I would like to offer One-on-One Shamanic Sound Journey Meditations to anyone who needs, wants or is simply curious about receiving one in the Peace Chambers or other sacred spaces. To schedule a sound Journey when The Sacred Drift is in your “neck of the woods”, please contact me via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please allow 1 ½ hours to journey when scheduling an appointment.

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I have said YES to a deep inner calling … a vision … Dancing the Dream Awake … a Sacred Drift! This ever unfolding vocation is a calling to thread compassion, loving kindness and wisdom around Mother Earth, and includes a devoted cultivation of Zen practice in the White Plum Lineage, vibrational offerings of Sound Journeys, Sacred Ceremony, Walking with Ancestors, ushering in and nurturing the Age of the Heart and visiting the Peace Chambers inspired by visionary Mystic, Josheph Rael - Beautiful Painted Arrow, around this glorious Earth!