I have spent my life developing my skills, building incredible relationships with other artists and professionals, teaching dozens of successful students in my studio and in master classes, and have performed for audiences around the world.  Please feel free to review my complete and short biographies and/or my performance and experience resume. 

If you'd like a higher resolution of my photo, you can follow this link, or if you'd like a photo of me with one of my Native American flutes, click here. You can also download a shorter, PDF, version of my biography (e.g. for use in a program) here.

-a journey of heart vibration-

Ubuntu: I am because you are; you are because I am
It is always fascinating, sometimes baffling and continuously mystifying to me, that out of the billions of people; two leggeds, four leggeds, winggeds, rocks, plants, bodies of water, insects and all sentient beings in this EXTRAORDINARY UNIVERSE, how is it we connect with those that we connect with???  LIFE iS A GIFT!!!
Wing Tip of Giant South African BirdWhat a surreal experience, to climb aboard a giant bird/airplane, and 15 hours later, set foot upon unfamiliar Earth Space.  This is exactly what manifested for me in September.  The “unfamiliar” Earth Space? South Africa!!!  ….AND it was Spring!!!!
I was called to South Africa to participate in the Global Gathering of Peace/Sound Chambers inspired by the visionary, Native American Sage, Joseph Rael- Beautiful Painted Arrow. (Seeds of Peace Chant)
The seeds of this South African manifestation were planted in July of 2011 when I played Native American Flutes at the last Global Gathering held in Pennsylvania’s own Birdsong Peace Chamber!  I met Fritz and Elba Duminy, the keepers of the Wind Walker Chamber in South Africa, at the Pennsylvania gathering, and these gentle hearts were inspired to create a concert of World Music at the gathering in South Africa.  Looky what we all manifested!!!  
I struggle and am not exactly sure how to express the multitude of experiences and lives touched while in South Africa via verbiage.   I am aware that this beautiful tapestry has been transformed, enriched, enlightened, sobered, moved, heartened, inspired and filled with creative flow, by all that was experienced.  LIFE MOVES! LOVE MOVES!…What remains?

The Earth Space called South Africa!  

It is Spring in South Africa and the multitude of sensational winggeds/birds are building spectacular nests and singing their little hearts out…some all through the night!  The crickets carry on at a speedy tempo; much faster than the crickets in Pennsylvania or Colorado.  The billions of ants are unearthing the red red Earth and are busy toiling about.  The landscapes are varied and thirst for water, the flowering trees and bushes are popping with magnificent odiferous blooms and greenery!!!.
The wisteria outside my room smelled so divine that it sent me reeling from the romantic heady aroma!  MMMM!  Ah…and the BEES…..the variety and numbers of bees buzzing in the wisteria created  joyful Spring symphonic accompaniment to the birdsong!  Johannesburg is a high altitude volcanic plateau…HA! …this means they take the oxygen in during the day, just like Colorado.wink  The air was dry and the sun shone every day.  The evenings cooled off just like a dessert plain!  Sister Moon, in her sliver of crescent, hangs at a perceived angle where she grins like the Cheshire Cat of Alice in Wonderland!  The stars are unknown to these eyes…Where did the big dipper go? I think I saw the Southern Cross!wink  True to my nature, I explored, looked, smelled, listened to, tasted and touched everything I happened upon, adding it ALL to my tapestry! 

Walking with the Elders

Outside the Peace ChamberLIFE consistently seems to place my manifestation (Elder in training…HA!) alongside the Elders.  I have been absolutely blessed with Amazing Wise Teachers along LIFE’s journey and gratitude is left in the wake of enlightenment.   Ever since I was a wee lassie, Wise Elders have influenced and guided my life…quite profound upon reflection!  So, finding myself in South Africa, in tune with what LIFE does FOR me, I walked with the Elders of the Peace/Sound Chambers and there was transmutation of wisdom and love through our sharing, connecting, eating, various activities and council sessions.
Gong BathAmong the incredible nurturing and enlightening actions and events that Elba and Fritz created and arranged for this gathering, was the GONG BATH, facilitated by a calm and lovely being called Grant Smith.  A GONG BATH is a gorgeous sound journey that both relaxes and energizes.  To quote Santana “music (sound) changes our molecular structure”. smiley
Another transforming and beautiful collective experience, was a condensed form of Biodanza, facilitated by Elba and Fritz.  Biodanza, in a “nut shell”, is a communal and personal means of guided dance, music and movement, out of our “habit nature” and into our “true nature”; releasing our habit nature and noticing where we are stuck, and embodying the flow of our true nature in the NOW.  There was much collective wisdom shared after both of these experiences…I was incredibly touched, disturbed and moved by the Biodanza experience…AND after my own “dust” settled, Gratitude ensued.  
Here is an excellent website with a wonderful explanation of Biodanza.
I had the pleasure and opportunity to make heart connections and create amazing vibrations with Musicians, a special Poet and a Heart Centered Community throughout the gathering.  Fritz had envisioned and created a musical venue, complete with an evening of delicious traditional South African culinary delights, for the Elders of the Chambers, he and Elba’s South African Community, local Musician Friends and myself.   It was a beautiful, pulsing, vibrating, tasty, connecting energetic night of Manifesting Creativity!  WHAT FUN!  

Botshabelo-A place of heart, refuge, learning and loving…

There were so many moments that my heart was deeply touched in South Africa, and the experience of intertwining tapestries with over 125 glowing hearted toddlers, children and teens at the Botshabelo orphanage in South Africa, made this open heart soar like an Eagle!  When the day at Botshabelo came to a final resting point, I thought to myself…Ahhh this is why I am in South Africa…purpose, meaning, healing, connecting, loving the wee ones!  Hindsight…a great teacher! wink
As many of you know, I work with sound vibration-healing at Hospice in Pennsylvania, and in the 1990’s I worked for 2 ½ years as a music therapist with “special needs” children.  I was thrilled to re-enliven the music therapy skills and include the meditation skills that have been developed throughout my life bringing playful, mindful, healing energy to the beautiful beings at Botshabelo.  We created gorgeous expressive art to flute music, made percussive music with our bodies and created wonderful, improvised, rhythmic body music, accompanied by flute melodies.  Flowing from their beings and off the floor, the teenagers composed impressive polyrhythms!  This improvisation was spectacular!!!…I told them that we “needed to take the show on the road”!   I demonstrated and played the Polynesian Nose Flute, Several Native American flutes and the orchestral silver flute for the kids, their teachers and their caretakers.  The younger bunch helped me breath life into the Low pitched C- Grandmother- Native American flute, thus relaxing their beautiful sweet bodies.  I guided the older kids through an empowerment and relaxation meditation.  Our tapestries will forever be intertwined, as will the memories of the beauty we all created together, rest joyfully in my heart.  I made a special connection to a little boy named Gopolang.  Gopolang loves animals, as I do, and he dreams of becoming a veterinarian!  He attended 4 out of the 5 music sessions and was the first child to greet me with a loving embrace upon my arrival.  I hope that we will stay in touch via his teacher’s e-mail.smiley
The Generous Cloete Family at Botshabelo, traded a life of comfort and ease and now takes in children who have experienced unimaginable trauma and disease.  They feed, house, clothe, educate, and through the Alchemy of LOVE, help to transform their suffering. The community that is Botshabelo, one day at a time, is barely able to stay afloat with donations from the community and “governmental subsidies”.  I made a monetary donation as well as the gift of my energy, love and skills.  A wonderful way of gifting for the Holidays would be to support Botshabelo with a donation in someone’s name.  Because I have been there, I know they are legitimate, honest and heart centered in their efforts to be a “part of the solution” for the Suffering of Children in this World.  …AND the U.S. Dollar goes a very long way in South Africa!  If you feel moved to donate or know of someone who would like to help, please contact Nicole Cloete and let her know that I referred you.smiley  Nicole has given me the following options for donation.  I recommend wiring the funds and paying the fee to wire, as the post office in South Africa is unreliable.  One still needs ALL the information below to wire funds to Botshabelo.

Option 1:

banking details are as follows:
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 62036709527
BRANCH  CODE: 250241

Option 2:

Posting a cheque:
It would have to be made out to 
Botshabelo Community Development Trust
P O BOX 438
She writes: “People can also follow us on Facebook under my name, Nicole Cloete and am wearing a brown t-shirt and a brown cap, just to see daily posts on what's happening on the village.”
Nicole Cloete-Botshabelo
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
P.O. Box 438
Magaliesburg 1791
South Africa
+27 72 725 0899

Lions and Elephants and Sables….OH MY!!!

What would memoirs of South Africa be without the telling of the amazing beasties and birdies seen, heard and smelled? So the morning that I landed in South Africa, Fritz and Elba whisked a guest and me off to the Rino and Lion nature reserve!  The first taste of partially wild Africa! surprise  My eyes took in baby cheetahs, white rhinoceros, tawny and white majestic lions and lionesses, White and Orange Bengal Tigers (from India), a baby rhino, hippopotamus, a serval (in a cage), wild beautifully spotted dogs, herds of gnu, springbuck, red hartebeest, blesbuck, Impala, zebra, eland, waterbuck, sable antelope, gemsbok, adorable warthogs, kudu, two giraffe, one large and very serious looking cape buffalo, several ostrich, a secretary bird, marabou stork, a white stork, white egrets, weavers and quick moving mongoose…and MORE… Amazing four leggeds and wingeds!  It makes me sad to know that humans have encroached upon so much land, used so many resources, destroy Earth and beings in our wars and are responsible for devastating wildlife populations…LionAND…I am ever so grateful for those human beings who work so hard to preserve the beauty of Earth and ALL her sentient beings!  
It is such a SMALL SMALL WORLD; So while in Turkey, I met a lovely spirit, Alex, from South Africa, on a tour of Ephesus, and we connected in South Africa!  Alex was born in Ethiopia and is of Italian descent…the world is filled with a mixture of loveliness eh!  Alex very generously introduced me to “his” South Africa. He and his brother, Chez, took me to an Artisan Market, where I utilized my bartering skills.surprise  After the Artisan Market, the three of us set off to the Bull ElephantPilanesberg National Park Reserve.  One never knows what one will encounter in the Wilds of a National Park in Africa…it is important to stay “in the vehicle” unless you have a desire to merge with a lion or become pancaked by an Elephant!!!surprise  I was told some gruesome stories…EEWWWW!!!  We did in fact, have the opportunity to see Wild Elephants up close and personal…THRILLING!  Elephants are so Magnificent!  Their very presence and lilting gait is calming and awe inspiring!  We also saw many of the animals listed above in this wild environment…AND we came upon LIONS!   I saw a flock of Paradise Wydah birds and a pair of Southern Carmine Bee Eater birds fling through the open sky!  Gorgeous winggeds with long lofty tail feathers!  I only know what they were named, because I looked them up right away in the wonderful handbook of the Plainesberg Reserve!  surprise  I captured the image of a huge Yellowbilled Hornbill in photographs too.   The landscapes were varied types of Savannas; unique to Africa!  I really appreciated the cacti,Southern Masked Weaver various thorn bushes and thorn trees…vegetation that adapted to survive through drought and vegetation and that feeds enormous Elephants!!!  The emerging flowers on the trees and Earth smelled divine and were “eye candy” to behold.”
Southern Masked Weaver
I must share the story of the Southern Masked Weaver, as both Elba and Fritz delighted in telling the tale to me.  The male, a bright yellow bird with a black mask and black markings on his wings, works very hard to build a gorgeous nest for his mate.  I saw these nests delicately hanging from branches, and the hard working Masked Weaver Males, all over Acacia Bushthe place!  I even have gorgeous close up photos to share with you!  The female weaver, olive in coloration for camouflage, flies into the nest to make inspections before nesting, and if she does not like “the color of the kitchen” she tears the whole nest apart…an interesting take on “natural selection” eh! surprise
Executioner BirdI was told that the Puffbacked Shrike also known as the Executioner Bird, skewers insects on the thorns of the Acacia Trees and eats them when he is hungry.  This bird is a beautiful black and white delicate looking bird…and I am sharing a photo that I captured, of a Puffy Shrike! surprise
My last morning in South Africa, Ian, a lovely being and excellent massage therapist and I visited the Elephant Sanctuary where we stood in the awesome presence of a couple of Gentle Giants and their humans.  We had the opportunity to brush the Elephants, walk with hand in trunk, feed them and touch their soft soft tongues.  The guide gave us a very interesting tutorial on African Elephants.  Their front feet are rounded and their back feet are oval shaped.  They walk on their toes and therefore are silent giants…I made the connection with the ballerina Elephants in Disney’s Fantasia…Ah HA!  They have six sets of teeth in a lifetime and when the last pair falls out they slowly die from starvation.  African Elephants have huge ears to keep them cool and the Lisamarie and Elephantmales and females have tusks.  The African Elephants are the largest Elephant species on Earth.  They are vegetarians and they manage to direct the thorny acacia tree branches in one direction, with the fingers on their trunk, before chomping down on a mouthful.  This way they avoid being pricked by the thorns.  Clever and adaptive eh!  Elephants are family oriented and have excellent memories.  They even travel miles to visit their ancestors!  This hominid beast (me) reveled in the gentle energetic field of these giant beasts!  What an experiential gift! 

Maropeng- The Cradle of Humankind World heritage Site and Sterkfontein Caves:

“Maropeng” is a Setswana word meaning “returning to the place of origin”.  Alex wisked me off one day, and we experienced the Maropeng Museum and the Sterkfontein Caves, where Paleontologists have discovered hominoids older than “Lucy”!!!! WOW!   We are talking billions of years old!!!   HMMM what is time anyway?  My cerebral cortex can’t seem to wrap itself around the concept of time???  
So, Africa is the Cradle of Humankind and there is something deeply profound about this…
The Maropeng museum is a wonderfully interactive kid friendly place, to learn about our human origins and experience what we are doing to our Earth home.  The museum exhibits also offer suggestions for being part of the solution; creating wellness and balance for our interconnected species and environment.  Enlightening, Depressing and Encouraging! Alex and I really enjoyed exploring the Sterkfontein Caves where the latest oldest hominids were found.  The caves themselves were gorgeous, cool, decorated with stalactites and stalagmites…AND there was an underground fresh water lake that was miles and miles deep…I forgot how deep? :o  The water was incredibly clear and still, and the reflection from the top of the caves gave the illusion that it was the cave that went down deep deep!  It took both Alex and I some time to realize that we were looking at a reflection in water.  HA!  What is real?  
After our exciting day of “going down deep” into Earth and enjoying the gorgeous landscapes around Maropeng, Alex took me to a funky, ENORMOUS, modern, indoor city called Montecasino!  We enjoyed an excellent delicious diner of INDIAN cuisine, under the painted ceiling stars. HA!  Speaking of Indian cuisine…HMMM or completely off topic…kind of…Gandhi had his first epiphany in South Africa and Satagraha (peaceful resistance) was born, when he was thrown off a train for being a “second class citizen”…It seems that the World travels have circled back around to some other kinds of Origins eh! :o  I wonder what would be experienced if the Entire Universe remembered it’s Origins? :o  Is there a beginning?  Is there an Ending?  HMMM Or simply a beautiful continuum!   surprise
South Africa FlagThe Apartheid Museum- Intense, encouraging, sobering, inspiring…COMPLEX…
I have been intrigued by the life of Nelson Mandela and his journey for a couple of decades now.  It was a special experience to learn more about this amazing Man’s life.  I did not realize how furiously angry Mandela was prior to his imprisonment, and being on a Zen journey myself, can see how transformative and beneficial his 26 years of imprisoned silence was to his awakening and to the efficacy of ending Apartheid.  
Here is a decent biography of Nelson Mandela
HMMM Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Riene Eisler……..  I have spent a good deal of time, out of curiosity and an intuitive pull to learn about human figures, Earth history, animals and plants, the science of vibration and our human movement throughout “time”.  We are all so interdependent and seem to be cycling back to the same point, on one hand, and on the other hand, there seems to be a profound awakening unfolding.  When I reflect on the very first Paleolithic hominids that grew from our Earth in Africa, the settlement of Neolithic Catal Huyuk in Turkey, the Intellectual Historic interpretation of Riane Eisler’s Chalice and the Blade, the lives of Gautauma Buddha, of Jesus, of Mohamed, of Mevlana Jalal al-din Rumi, of Walt Whitman, of Maya Angelou, of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, of Gandhi, of Dr. Martin Luther King, of Nelson Mandela, of Adyashanti, of Shuzen Sensei Harris, of Thay, of Dorothy Miller, of Max Piaseck, of Judith Underwood, of Lew Grothe, of Judy Lavezzi, of Myself, of the Myriad of interconnected beings and this movement called Life…a deep and profound sense of AWE washes over me! 


SunsetDeepfelt gratitude to Elba, Fritz, Tom, Kristen, Vic, Ruth, Christina, Andrew, Felicity, Sammye Jo, Ian, Curt, Alex, Chez, Molly, Norman, Vaughn, Jill, Hudson, Mattz and his cuttie-pattutti daughter, Nicci, Grant,Teresa, Shlomit, Marion, Nicole, (the Cloete family) Pauline, ALL the gorgeous light beings at Botshabelo, the Wind Walker Community and the Magnificence that is SOUTH AFRICA….

Merci Beaucoup, for the intertwining of tapestries, the generous hearts, the love, the experiences, the transmutation of wisdom, the gifts of yourselves and the Spectacular Sunrise over New York!
In Peace, Love and Beauty,


(Land of the Turks)

August 9,2014…3am…Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania; Sleeping blissfully, out of doors, on a hammock with a large, handsome, white feline cuddled against my body, I opened my eyes to the illumination of a perceived mostly Full Reddened Moon! TODAY I EMBARK ON AN ADVENTURE!!!

When asked, “are you here on vacation?” I would respond with, “this voyage to Turkey is more of an exploration; a calling of the ancients, the Ney Flute, and Mevlana Jalal al-Din Rumi to this spirit, this heart.”

It ended up being all of that and much MUCH more. I found, that it evolved into a deeper exploration of Self, as there were many heart connections made, challenges to overcome and deep connections made to Earth. Where ever I go, there I am. :0 …AND after a 20+ hour day of traveling, I peered into the night sky, soaking up the silent illumination of the Full Moon over Istanbul!

HMMM there were so many experiences! How about I start with the Turkish breakfast, Kahvalti!!! Darling Taylan once told me that his family was going to enjoy Turkish breakfast, and then his eyes glazed over and he seemed to be salivating…NOW I know what his longing expression was all about!!! Kahvalti is EXTRAORDINARY and at every location I stayed, there was a magnificent spread of fresh nourishing food for breakfast. A variety of cheeses, meats, breads, olives, fruit compotes with whole or thickly sliced fruit, eggs, freshly squeezed peach and orange juices, Turkish tea and coffee, whole pears, peaches, some figs and plumbs (the fruit in season at present), savory sautéed vegetables (peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes), beans, various varieties of yogurt, dried apricots, figs, and dates, black walnuts, honey (beautifully presented; dripping off a honey comb (YUMMMY!), hazel nut and chocolate creams, a cream of tahini mixed with raisins (WOW!) My two favorite places for Kahvalti, were the Grand Cave Suite Hotel in Cappadocia and The Cella Boutique Hotel and Spa in Selcuk! Both of these charming hotels seemed more like an intimate Bed and Breakfast as I was welcomed as part of a family. There will be a more detailed account of my experiences of these two places further down, as I highly recommend them for destination accommodations. ;O))

Turkey is an agricultural country that thrives upon agriculture and tourism. The Earth ground that is called Turkiey, has been a hotbed and trade route for many civilizations over the course of human history and there is tremendous variety in the culture, the religions, the looks of the people and the geology. I was fascinated to no end!


The explorations began in the historic section of Istanbul, with charming, hilly, narrow cobble stoned streets packed with vehicles passing one another, with only an inch (if that) to spare! From the private airport transport shuttle to the Maywood Hotel, I caught the first scent and vision of Istanbul. It was a Sunday, and families were picnicking along the Bosphorus greenway, listening to music, dancing, lounging with one another on the blanketed ground and in hammocks. There were so many hammocks! Everywhere I looked the Turkish language, spelled on signs. The driver asked me what I did. I said I play flutes and he put a groovy Turkish music station on the radio! Turkish music has wonderful rhythm and melodic intervals. The Turkish language, to these musical ears, sounds melodic with percussive punctuations! I love the way it sounds! Thanks to my Turkish neighbor, Gokhan, and some investment of my own in YouTube tutorials, I was able to pick up enough Turkish to get me started…I picked up more of this melodic and percussive language, from the willing and friendly Turkish people along the way! ;o))

So, for the first couple of days, I felt like a two year old trying to walk for the first time. It is important to stay open to the “not knowing”, to the vulnerability…AND…ask for help again and again… I had to learn how to dial the telephone…I’m still not sure how to do it proper, and am completely grateful to all the front desk men who guided me patiently or not so patiently (in the beginning). ;o)) Negotiating the computer was an interesting experience, as the Turkish language has several extra vowels and the key board is set up quite differently…this I had mastered after my first lesson with the concierge! Because I was aware of the alphabet difference, it was I who unlocked the secrets to using the computer in Turkey. HA! I was even able to help out some other tourists along the way! COOL BEANS!!! The evening concierge at the Maywood hotel looked as if he were in his late teens or early twenties. I grabbed him and asked him to accompany me to the ATM and show me how to use this machine. I am so happy I did this because there are some differences and once experienced, every ATM was easy! ;o)) By the time my first 24 hours in Istanbul had passed, I was exploring the surroundings by foot with confidence and curiosity! I even went for a magnificent run along the Sea of Marmara!

The tour in Istanbul was fantastic. I learned that although Islam seems to be the main religion of the people, there are many different Christian sects, Sufi Mystics, Jewish and even a few pagans, as so many cultures converge in this city that bridges Europe and Asia! The group tour guide, Sevilay, was a sturdy, creative and intelligent woman with a strong voicing of her perceptions. I adored her and we made a lovely connection. Her brother is a musician in the Southern region of Turkey and does musical hiking tours into the wilderness. ;o))) HMMM perhaps next time, eh. Sevilay took our group to the Kariye Museum where we saw ancient Christian mosaics and she told some interesting history tales. We then went to the Topkapi Sarayi Musem, where the Sultans used to live. The grounds are quite spectacular! We also saw the Derinkuyu Yeralti/ underground cistern which was beautiful to behold, the Blue Mosque with its fantastic tile work, and spent a little time in the Grand Bazaar. This tour took place on a Monday, and the Ayasofiya (Hagia Sophia) was closed. I did get some fantastic exterior photos though! ;o)

The evening, following the exciting day of touring, was spent with a passionate Turkish man, which I had been getting to know prior to the voyage. We went for a lovely romantic walk along the Sea of Marmara and then he took me to a fish restaurant overlooking the Sea. The dinner was delicious as was his company! The rest is private and I will leave it up to your fertile imaginations…Sister Moon was full and illuminating the entire Universe and the Bosphorus! ;o))

The next day in Istanbul was spent exploring, playing my Native American Flutes in a gorgeous park and taking a three hour Ney Flute lesson with Ney Master (Neyzen) Murat at Les Arts Turks. More about these fine two leggeds after a little detour back to the “gorgeous park”. So, I was walking through the park, (I think it was the back side of the Topkapi Palace) stopping every so often to take a photo of the gorgeous trees when a handsome bearded Armenian man, toting a guitar, stopped to ask why I was taking photos of the trees…long story short, we played music for one another…there was a verbal language barrier and music bridges all languages, eh…I was serenaded with beautiful sounding Armenian songs. This man had a gorgeous voice. Then I needed to fly off to the Ney Flute lesson and he insisted on walking me part way. He asked to hold my hand and so I slipped my hand into his…quite nice. I was asked to join him for tea after the lesson…more like pleaded with, and I had to decline several times with explanation, because I did not know when I would be finished with the Ney lesson. I received many offers to tea or out for drinks in the following 15 day voyage through Turkey! I had gathered quite the stack of business cards as well, with the “suitor’s” mobile numbers on them. ;o)) The men in Turkey have amazing hearts, were honest, had integrity, were incredibly passionate, giving and deliciously handsome! HA! It gives a whole new meaning to the song “It’s raining men”! link

The Ney Flute is one of the most captivating sounds I have ever heard, and though I was unable to achieve a single sound in three hours of attempts, I had the pleasure and unique opportunity to hear Neyzen Murat breathe spirit into the Ney!!! It was an ExtraOrdinary experience and I am grateful to have experienced Ney music flowing through this dear man. After the lesson, Maestro Murat and I had a wonderful chat along with Alp, the handsome interpreter for Les Arts Turks. Among many other life events, Murat Bey (Mr.) experienced being in the military in Iraq and I believe that his painful traumatic experiences are expressed in the longing and sadness that penetrate through his playing of the Ney. I was deeply moved by his Ney playing and incredibly touched by the whole experience.

I must say, if you are interested in taking a voyage to Turkey, I highly recommend using Les Arts Turks to create a wonderful package. Between Hakan and Alp, I was given the opportunity to experience the deeply touching Ney Flute Lesson, was able to traverse around Turkey, reveling in the incredible countryside vistas, via the buses, and enjoyed all of my tours in the Ephesus area (Selcuk), set up by Hakan! If I have the opportunity to return to Turkey, I will employ Les Arts Turks for the whole experience. http://www.bazaarturkey.com/about_us1.htm

Traveling solo via airplanes, buses and in tour groups has given me the distinct pleasure of meeting and creating heart connections with wonderful beings from all over the Globe! What a treat! We all have much more in common than we have in difference! ;o)) The whole experience of “inter-being” is energizing and enlightening! I met and interconnected with people from Korea, China, India, Pakistan, South Africa (my next destination!), Australia, France, Italy, Germany, the Philippians, Brazil, Mexico, New York, and of course other locations around Turkey!!!


The next destination of this adventure was Cappodocia (Kapadokya), land of incredible volcanic geological formations! OH MAN! From the time the airplane landed to the time I arrived at my cave hotel, (…YES! I said Cave Hotel and the Grand Cave Suites Hotel to be exact!) I felt oddly at home! The wild natural formations took ahold of me, and after meeting the wonderful staff at the Cave Hotel and unpacking the luggage, I scaled the volcanic formations behind the Cave Hotel and played my flutes at the top of the mountain and then cuddled into a cave and played for a while in the acoustic playground! I SOOO could live in a cave…in a way, I had the opportunity for a few moments in time, to experience what it would be like to be a Sadu in a Kapadokya cave. ;o) HA!…a secret dream of mine…Alas, LIFE is requiring me to be a part of the World and not a hermit Sadu.

Silence…Serenity…Peaceful Floating…Tears of JOY streaming down...Heat AND Sound from a momentary Fire…A Birdseye view of a Magnificent Landscape of Indescribable Beauty…An atmosphere scattered with giant Ballons (hmmm, with this imagination, giant fireflies) grace the air space…IT IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST TO EXPERIENCE KAPADOKYA VIA A BALLON RIDE!!! It rendered me speechless and gifted me with an amazing sense of AWE and AHHHH…AND that is all I am going to say about this! Enveloped in Grace and Gratitude…

After the mesmerizing experience of a very early morning float above the Cappadocian landscape and a delicious merging with Kahvalti at the cave hotel, I embarked on a fantastic group tour that explored an unground city, hiked through part of the gorgeous Ihlara Valley, around an ancient Christian cave church and “faery chimneys”! This mountain gal was definitely in her element! I was SOOOO at home among the plants, creek, trees, birds, dirt, rocks…There was a charming and cooling oasis in the Ihlara Valley Canon, where our tour group took a refreshing break. There were two native Turkish women sitting on the ground, with thin wooden rolling pins, making fresh cheese and tomato stuffed tortilla like delicious morsels, over an open fire and on a giant cast iron flat surface…I am sure there is a Turkish name for this traditional nomadic food…I have forgotten though…I did not have my pen and paper on me and instead, was completely enveloped in the sensory pleasure of watching these beautiful women make the traditional Turkish deliciousness and then savoring the flavors while hiking more of the trail. MMMM YuMMy!

Turkey has thousands of endemic plant species. More than all of Europe combined! Endemic species of plants are hardy; drought and pest resistant…When we two leggeds ingest wild endemic plants we become just as hardy, healthy and strong. Here are two websites to learn more. Some of the Kahvalti spreads even had Purselane available. This succulent plant is high in omega fatty acids! If we keep overfishing the oceans, this “weed” may have to be venerated. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flora_and_vegetation_of_Turkey http://www.allaboutturkey.com/turkfauna.htm

I felt a little sad to leave Kapadokya, the cave hotel, helpful cheerful Sabiha and kind gentle Abdi and yet, this is what is so fantastic about exploring…looking inside at how I am attached, practicing non-attachment and moving on…

So, the Cave Hotel owner kindly dropped me off at the teeny tiny bus station…it was so sweet…AND I departed on a 3 hour bus ride to Konya! The Turkish landscape is Marvelous and Spectacular. Mountainous with fertile valleys, desert like dry conditions and acres and acres of SUNFLOWERS to loose oneself in!!! AHHHH Heaven!!!!


Poetry, like no other written art form speaks directly to the heart. I sense that to fully understand poetry one must have deep, direct, sometimes painful experiences “under their belt”, so to speak. In the last 10 years the poetry that has moved through my life, has awakened my heart and spirit with depth, compassion and joy! Some of my favorite poets are John Keats, Walt Whitman, Maya Angelou, Mary Oliver, Rainer Maria Rilke, Jane Hirschfield, Zen poets such as Seng-ts’an and Dogen Zenji, my dear friends Bob Davis and Ghost Gardner AND…THE BELOVED MEVLANA JALAL Al-DIN RUMI!!!

So when planning this voyage to Turkey, being in Konya, where Mevlana (Rumi) grew the Mystic Sufi Practice of Islam, was a MUST! Twice, I had the opportunity to be and sit at the Mevlana Museum Mosque where Rumi’s tomb is honored! The energy of the devotee’s of Mevlana is a powerful movement of energy! The second time I went, I sat Shikantaza and chanted the Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra in front of the tomb. I was in the company of a wise elder Muslim woman who just happened to come and sit very close to me, and pray from the Koran. After sometime, we turned to one another, tears running down our faces and we smiled, kissed one another’s hands and faces, and embraced…This beautiful being said something to me in Turkish (?) and my heart just leapt with joy and I responded with Cok Yasa, which loosely translates to “many blessings for you”. There were more tears and expressions of affection. Love moves and the awakened heart of Mevlana is awake in all of us. This was a transforming moment in my life…this loving exchange. One never knows how or when LIFE and LOVE are gonna’ GRAB HOLD, ENVELOPE AND EMBRACE!

Seven Guidences of Mevlana

In generosity and helping others, be like a river.
In compassion and grace, be like the sun.
In concealing others faults, be like the night.
In anger and fury, be like the dead.
In modesty and humility, be like the Earth.
In tolerance, be like a sea.
Either exist as you are or be as you look.

On the way back to the hotel I just happened to step into a Ney maker’s workshop. After playing the Native American flutes for this young handsome Neyzen, he playing the Ney for me, and both of us pantomiming to communicate, we traded instruments! Now, I will have a Ney to blow into for many weeks and perhaps a sound will emerge! HA! HA! This kind spirit also managed to communicate to me that YouTube would be a good source for some Ney techniques and showed me how to finger a basic major scale, for someday when sound manifests…Ah HA!!! I welcome the help!…SOOO, if I do end up producing a sound, this means I would need to return to Turkey and receive Ney Training to play the instrument proper,eh! ;o)))

On this evening, after a day of amazing heart connections and a cultural discussion from a Turkish professor, I experienced more transforming energetic movement through a real live Mevlevi Sema (Whirling Dervish) ceremony! The music, vocal chant and Dervishes mesmerized…while experiencing this beautiful expression of awakened movement, EVERYTHING else was Silent and Still…I believe the Zen teachers call this Satori!!! Holy COW!!!

While planning the Voyage to Turkey, I specifically wanted to make a point of visiting a Neolithic archeological site called, Catal Huyuk! Check it out online: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catalhoyuk There is an inner archeologist deep inside of me! I first read about this site in Riane Eisler’s “Chalice and the Blade.” Also, a highly recommended read. In order to see the site, one must take a taxi from Konya. It is only about 30 minutes away. There is a lovely little museum that is helpful to familiarize oneself with the work that is done there, and then the guard will take you around the site. HMMM the guard, Hasan, was quite rugged, handsome and flattering to speak with. He recommended checking out the Museum of archeology in Konya to view some of the Catal huyuk artifacts, and I went!

I was left pondering, what would it be like to live in a society that did not have so many separating beliefs? Defending our beliefs comes at such a high price; War, devastating other cultures, destroying the very Earth that we are grown from, and thus in turn, destroying ourselves. What we do to or for another, we do to or for ourselves. Wow, what can we learn from these first emerging Earth centered societies? Love the art of archeology!!!

The next step in this voyage was departing Konya on a bus at 12:30am for the 10 hour journey to the Selcuk region of Turkey where I would experience the Greco-Roman ruins of Miletus and Didyma, The Temple of Apollo, The Temple of Artemis, Ephesus, the house of Mother Mary and a day trip to the natural mineral formations of Pamukkale…OOO I met some interesting Korean tourists on the bus to Selcuk!

So, I landed in Selcuk 10 hours later and hit the ground running…well more like sauntering with a private tour guide, Bugra Can, through several Greco-Roman Ruins in this area of Turkey. I however, had not eaten since the night before and was famished. I expressed my hunger to Bugra Can, who ended up being an exceptional, intelligent, easygoing tour guide, and said that I needed to eat before we did anything else…and what followed was a most delicious experience at a Turkish eatery off the “beaten tourist path”…this delicious Turkish oasis of nourishment was recommend by our most excellent driver, Ali Ayaz, who pulled over on the way to the eatery to pick fresh ripe figs from trees along the side of the road! MMM YUMMY!

There are fantastic people from all over the world that one meets while taking a group tour, and I enjoyed every group tour that I participated in. It is also a lovely experience with some unexpected “perks” to have a private guided tour as well, because we can take the day at our own pace, which for me is a meandering and exploring pace. I had the opportunity to eat what the Turkish locals eat for lunch or dinner and boy o boy do they know how to prepare lamb, bread, vegetables…ahhh my mouth is watering just remembering the tastes! ;o) I had the opportunity to play the shamanic Native American Flute in several areas of the ruins on the private tour, much to the relaxation and enjoyment of Bugra and the passing tourist…Ahhh fluting on an exotic voyage always brings the two leggeds into my field of energy! Life is a Gift and being a musician is a Gift! ;o)

At the end of this touring day and at this point in the Turkish journey, I had not checked into the hotel and had been up for Ummm many MANY hours. What came next delighted me to NOOO END!!! The Cella Boutique Hotel and Spa!!!

It was more like a returning to a loving home than checking into a hotel! I was welcomed in kindness and with so much enthusiasm that I felt like a venerated member of their family! Ali, one of the hotel owners said he upgraded my room, had my bags brought up to the room and offered me a drink! Ali, Fatos, Mustafa, Tulay, Nebahat, Hayriye and the whole staff were amazing loving energies! Fatos and Ali even speak French! Yea! I got to practice! The Spaces at the Cella are incredibly beautiful…AND the KAVALTI…Turkish breakfast with a French Flare...Spectacular!!! Fatos and her kitchen chefs were the consummate hostesses. Generous, attentive, congenial and oh so fun, as women tend to be when gathered!!! In addition to being nurtured by their fresh energetic cuisine, these women nurtured me in many additional ways! What GIFTS they were!

The Cella offers everything a voyager could ever need and want; there is a beautiful lap pool in the courtyard with a view of the mountains and miles of peach orchards. The orchards looked so lovely with their ripe colorful fruit! The rooms are beautifully decorated, chic, air-conditioned and clean, complete with a wonderful selection of bathroom amenities and a minibar! I enjoyed opening up the three large balcony doors to the view of the mountains, the peach orchards…AHHH …and the fresh air! Hayriye, the lovely woman who made up my room each day, left a creative towel sculpture adorned with flowers on the bed; sometimes a swan, sometimes a heart with flowers in the middle. Elegant touches that made me smile. There is a bar and available Wi-Fi for all those who enjoy a relaxing drink and having access to the Internet after a long day of hiking around the Greco-Roman ruins. ;o)) OOO and they have several hybrid bikes and helmets for exploring…A great way to really see your surroundings! There is a wonderful walking/biking path close to the Cella Boutique Hotel and Spa. If one goes to the North, the path follows the mountains and if one goes to the South, the path goes to the Sea…Mustafa was most helpful dialing phone numbers and giving me guidance and directions for the bike ride! Explorer that I am, I managed to explore happily and find my way back to the Cella. I will just say that I am grateful for Mustafa’s guidance. ;o)

In addition to the fabulous Spaces in and around the Cella Hotel, there is a MAGNIFICENT Boutique and Spa. This is where I completely and joyfully surrendered my body, mind and spirit into the hands of a master masseuse, Tulay Saylica! An extraordinarily beautiful spirit…we connected immediately!! Not only is Tulay an exceptional human being, she is compassionately skillful with her craft of bodywork! Through her loving care and presence, I experienced my very first TURKISH BATH…WOW! Hmmm impossible to describe, one must experience a Turkish Bath to understand…my skin breathed and glowed so beautifully after this bath and I was completely relaxed…AND there was more…After Tulay formed a mud mask on my face and brought me Turkish tea, I rested in utter joyful bliss. Then, I was instructed to wash off the mud mask and rest face down on the massage table…Tulay continued to put her skillful hands to work and I received a very healing massage. I felt so light, relaxed and refreshed! Thank you Tulay…YOU, are a SPECIAL GIFT!!! Much to the delight of the lovely women, Mustafa and Ali, I played my flute several times, and the sounds from the shamanic flute created an alchemy of relaxation for us all!

The tour of Ephesus was fascinating…How many slaves does it take to build a gorgeous giant stone city complete with Temples, Brothels, Baths, Shops, Houses, a Library, Toilets and an enormous Colosseum? …WOW human history!!!...The tour group ate at a train museum this day and I enjoyed taking photos for my dearly loved friend (extended nephew), Evan! You came to mind all the way from Turkey, buddy! :o)))

The tour to Pamukkale was relaxing. Pamukkale has geological mineral spring formations. The largest one being all white and cascading down a mountain. The tour group swam in the mineral water, soaking up the healing properties of Nature’s freely given gifts!!! Pamukkale is where I first discovered 100% goat’s milk TURKISH ICE CREAM!!! OH MY! SOOO DELICIOUS! O.K. YES! I am completely taken in by this refreshing delight of the senses…I even tried (not in one place) all the flavors; melon, black mulberry, strawberry, walnut, dark chocolate, AHHH lemon, orange, mint choco-chip, banana, vanilla (not the ordinary vanilla), peach, pistachio…MMMMM the Turkish Ice Cream made with goat’s milk is only slightly sweet, has a chewy/creamy consistency, is made with real fruit and natural ingredients and is incredibly refreshing! YOU ARE JUST GOING TO HAVE TO MAKE A JOURNEY TO TURKEY TO EXPERIENCE THE ICE CREAM!!!

After my three days of touring in the Selcuk region, I spent my last full morning with my Cella family. Ali, put me up on the Cella facebook page and I think he was a little disappointed that I do not “do” facebook. He is sooo sweet! I actually felt sad to be leaving them all. There were many embraces, kisses, some tears, flute playing, laughter, Turkish, English and French words and a healthy dose of “horsing around”. I love a family that can play and love LIFE! ;o)))

Ali escorted me to the bus station and I was off to the final destination of Antalya, by the Mediterranean Sea. The landscape along this 7 hour bus route was absolutely STUNNING! Lush fertile valleys surrounded by ancient giant, jagged volcanic Mountains! Many of these mountains were adorned with olive groves as far as the eye could see. Gorgeous pine and deciduous trees grew in societies miles and miles long. The rock formations of the mountains were absolutely “eye candy” for this two legged Mountain lover! ;o)) There are many ways to be nurtured by LIFE and I felt incredibly nurtured.

Turkish Airlines and the Bus Lines ran like friendly clockwork!!!  The Turkish people are extremely helpful and friendly and love to help me learn new words. World travelers tend to be quite open and friendly as well! Plenty to add to the tapestry, yes! There was not a single issue or complication...Ahh the bus driver from Selcuk to Antalya did have the opportunity to play Superman though!  It was quite impressive...the bus blew a tire...it was really LOUD!...and the bus driver changed his clothes and within 45 mins changed the enormous tire, then changed back to his traveling clothes and we were all on our way!  Cok guzel!!!  What's a musician to do when the bus breaks down?  Pull out her flute and play...it brings beautiful curious beings into conversation with me and entertains the masses...Well, at least the Turkish bus crowd to Antalya! HA!


I made no touring plans for Antalya, and instead, spent one restful day floating in the Mediterranean Sea, absorbing the poetry of Mevlana Jalal al-Din Rumi and a book my darling friend Linda gave me, “The Best Women’s Travel Writing”. I gathered beautiful stones from the beach, reflected upon the experiences and hearts that I encountered on this voyage and admired the beauty of the surrounding cliffs, deep blue sea and mountains!

This exploration of Turkiye has touched me deeply, added richness and color to my tapestry. I met and engaged with so many lovely spirits/energies and feel blessed, transformed and most grateful that LIFE afforded the opportunity to experience this inter-being!


  • Turkiye utilizes Electric Wind Turbines, and many houses and businesses utilize Solar Panels. I saw them everywhere!!! Bravo! Way to love the EARTH!!
  • Turkiye has herds of goats, sheep and cows, complete with Shepherds and sometimes a family of shepherds; some songbirds, storks that were seen flying and perching in the trees of Istanbul, loons, very large colorful geese, chickens with lovely hair-do feathers and Magpies (Colorado Earth houses magpies!); HORSES, especially in the Kapadokya area!; A magnitude of feral CATS and KITTENS. Turkiye is to cats as India is to dogs! There are some large feral dogs as well. Oh and there are large and I mean LARGE Camels…apparently used for “camel wrestling”. HA…I bet you never heard of that sport before. :o)))
  • As mentioned above, Turkiye has thousands of endemic plants species and I was continuously enthralled with the variety of flowers, trees, orchards, gardens, and varying landscapes…MMM not to mention again all the fresh produce and food preparations that I most happily absorbed into my being!
  • MOST IMPORTANT TO MAKE NOTE: The warmth, the kindness, the HEART of the Turkish beings/people. Much gratitude from this heart to yours. How is it out of the billions of beings walking Mother Earth we attract, intersect and merge so uniquely together? Sacred LIFE! There is understanding that all is ONE under BIG SKY and I am deeply touched by the warmth, generosity and kindness generated by our experiences together.

Enveloped in deep gratitude and joy,

Inside this new love, die.
Your way begins on the other side.
Become the sky.
Take an axe to the prison wall.
Walk out like someone suddenly born into color.
Do it now.
You’re covered with thick cloud.
Slide out the side. Die, and be quiet.
Quietness is the surest sign
that you’ve died.
Your old life was a frantic running from silence.

The speechless full moon
comes out now.
-Mevlana Jalal al-Din Rumi-


Les Art Turcs

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Alp Aksahin (Turkish Music Lessons and Whirling Dervish Ceremonies)
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Grand Cave Suites (CAVE HOTEL!)
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Concert Review in Local Life March 8, 2013 by Michael Caruso (AT WOODMERE)

Chestnut Hill’s Woodmere Art Museum presented flutist Lisamarie McGrath and cellist Jeffrey Solow in recital Sunday, Feb. 24. Their program opened with Solow’s own transcription for flute and cello of Beethoven’s “Sonata for Two Flutes,” continued with Telemann’s “Sonata in E minor,” Villa-Lobos’ “Assobiio a Jato,” three preludes drawn from Bach’s “Suites for Solo Cello,” and concluded with Yuko Uebayashi’s “Suite for Flute and Violincello.”

Solow explained that Beethoven composed his “Sonata for Two Flutes” just prior to leaving his native Bonn for Vienna in 1792. Although there were a few awkward moments due to the cello’s range falling so far lower than that of the second flute part, McGrath’s tone was appealing.

McGrath and Solow were heard to better advantage in the Telemann. Although the composer is often considered merely a journeyman compared to contemporaries Bach or Handel, the “Sonata in E minor” is a lovely score, and both musicians played it strongly yet sensitively

Many friends, collegues and associates have been generous with their praises of my talents.  Here are a few:

Dear Lisamarie,
... You have realy been a true ambassador of peace through you music. I still can not forget the native twin flute you played at the old capital of the Mughal Empire (India). It was truly majestic.
My prayers and good wishes for your Performance.
...with lot of affection
Deepak Dan- Travel Guide Extraordinaire for the Taj Mahal and Akbar's Palace/Indiawink

Read more: References


Many fabulous flutists have graced my studio over the years.  In the 28 years I have been teaching, I have taught students of all ages – the youngest starting at 5 and the oldest at 80!  Though I specialize in teaching students in grades 4-12, ALL ages are welcome.  I teach Monday through Thursday after school and into the evening hours.  If you are interested in lessons and would like to sign up for an interview and trial lesson, please feel free to contact me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  When you e-mail me, please leave a phone number, as I prefer to talk with you in person.  Examples of my playing and my performance schedule may be found on the website.

Read more: My Studio

A native of Colorado, Lisamarie McGrath began her flute studies at 15 years of age with soloist and chamber musician, Susanella Noble.  Lisamarie journeyed to the East Coast in 1985 to study flute with renowned principal flutist of the Philadelphia Orchestra, Murray Panitz and in 1989 she received her Bachelor of Music degree (cum laude) from Temple University.  Other  influential  teachers include David Cramer, Associate Principal Flutist of the Philadelphia Orchestra, and Mark Sparks, Principal Flute of the St. Louis Symphony.

Read more: Lisamarie McGrath: Biography

Lisamarie McGrath, Flutist

Lisamarie has studied, cultivated and honed her musical craft for over 35 years and her work is both unique and broad based. Her distinguished career as performer, recording artist, and teacher has included solo, chamber, ethnic, and orchestral performances in such diverse places as Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, California, Arizona, Michigan, South Dakota, Maine, Canada, Great Britain, India, Türkiye, South Africa and the Mid-Atlantic area.

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(Resume available in PDF format at this link.)

Lisamarie McGrath, Flutist

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.lisamariemcgrath.com


Performer and producer of CD, Unimagined Bridges...Fountain of Consciousness, released in April of 2010. Features Unimagined Bridges (a commissioned work by Andrea Clearfield), Earth Meditations by Lisamarie McGrath, and works of DeMars, Hoover, Nakai, and Schocker.

Solo performer and producer of double-CD,
The Colors Fall, released in December 2007. Works by Copland, Bloch, Ibert, Hoover, Hindemith, DeMars, Saint-Saens, Roussel, Ravel, and Debussy.


  • Concerto Soloist Chamber Orchestra (substitute), 1991-95

  • Opera Company of Philadelphia (substitute), 1992

  • Haddonfield Symphony (Piccolo), 1992-93

  • The Evergreen Players Theater Orchestra (Principal), 1982


  • Temple University Orchestra (Rotating Principal/ Piccolo), 1986-89

  • Longmont Symphony, CO (Principal), 1989-1990

  • Denver Symphony's Young A rtist's Orchestra (Principal), 1984-85, 1989-90


Numerous concerts held in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Colorado, Wyoming, and India


  • Mystic Pulse, 2012 - Present

  • Penn Composers’ Guild, 1990-91

  • The Lockington Trio (Flute, Harp, Cello), 1989-90

  • The Friday Woodwind Quintet (coached by principal members of the Philadelphia Orchestra), 1987-88


  • Performer at the Annual National Flute Association Convention, New York, NY, August 2009

  • A winner of the National Flute Association Orchestral Audition Masterclass with Leone Buyse (1991)

  • Pottstown Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition Winner (1991) Performed the Cimarosa Concerto in A Major for two Flutes with the Pottstown Symphony

  • Fort Collins Young Artist's Concerto Competition Winner (1983)


  • Stratford-upon-Avon Music Festival, Great Britain, 1990

  • Philadelphia Mozart on the Square Festival, 1992



Murray Panitz (Philadelphia Orchestra)

David Cramer (Philadelphia Orchestra)

Mark Sparks (St. Louis Symphony)

Suzanella Noble (Soloist)


Richard Woodhams

A nthony Gigliotti

Bernard Garfield

Murray Panitz

Luis Biava



Temple University Bachelor of Music (Cum Laude) in Performance (1989)


The Bryn Mawr Conservatory of Music, Professor of Flute 9/7/13 to 8/1/15

(Substitute from 2001-2013)

University of Pennsylvania Masterclass & Concert, 4/ 8/ 11

Transverse Sonorities Flute Studio, Pennsylvania (1990 to present)

Children's Music Kushi Summer Conference (1994)

Suzuki and Music Therapy for The Academy of Children's Music (1991-93)

Private instruction in Baltimore, Wyoming, and Colorado




First of all, I want you to know that if it were possible for me to impart everything that I experienced in India to you, I surely would. Since we all experience the world through our own unique perceptions and senses, the best I can do is share a small part of my deeply enriching experience. ;o)))

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